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In my hometown, I am remembered as the little barefoot “Cotton Top” girl who played Hide and Seek through Mr. York's woods, or could be seen riding my bicycle throughout town.

In 2009, I decided on fulfilling a dream to design and make jewelry. Even though I rarely wore jewelry myself, I had always admired the various jewelry designs and styles worn by others. So, I borrowed a friend's booklet on Jewelry Making, purchased a few cheap jewelry beads and began designing jewelry through the wondrous vision of my imagination.

4 days later, I had made 10 spectacular and unique, yet inexpensive jewelry designs. With Faith and belief that my jewelry designs were unique and could truly be treasured as a gift, I presented them to the Administrative staff one morning after work.

To my amazement, I had a wonderful mind-blowing, eye-opening experience, as excited co-workers purchased ALL 10 jewelry designs in less than 30 minutes.

I knew this was a miracle! I was jubilant and grateful. After receiving encouragement to place my unique jewelry designs in local fashion boutiques and craft fairs, I quickly went to the store and bought more beads. It was as if I had hit the jackpot!

Today, I am the amazing Owner/Designer of Remarkably Renee. I have been told that Remarkably Renee's sensational jewelry designs far surpass the concept of cheap costume jewelry, being luxurious and fashionable.

Some jewelry designs are sure to become a family treasure, while others can accessorize individual daily fashion styles. Customers have also commented that one of the greatest gifts they can receive is an affordable necklace set from Remarkably Renee.

Knowing very little about the internet and Nothing about marketing, I began researching and teaching myself, finding ways to showcase my jewelry on the World Wide Web. As my unique jewelry designs continued to explode in popularity, even more opportunities for my discount fashion jewelry arose. 

By my 3rd year in business, I received a call from a Production Manager in Los Angeles requesting I participate with a Golden Globe gifting suite in Beverly Hills. To my amazement, celebrities also loved the uniqueness of my jewelry design. During this event, I received invitations for a Fashion Show in NYC, an event in Washington DC, the Film Festival in Cannes, France, and in The Hampton's.

Several sensational custom jewelry designs have graced the Red Carpet during The Oscars Dinner Gala in Beverly Hills, 2014 and 2015, through donation participation in  Caner Survivor's "Be a Princess for a Night,"  helping survivor's feel beautiful and look Amazing in spite of cancer & its toils. Two custom Crystal and Gemstone jewelry designs made their Red Carpet debut via Erica Dasher, "Jane by Design" at the Golden Globes and Bai Ling, a Chinese actress during the Film Festival in Cannes, France. 

Remarkably Renee's stunning handmade jewelry designs continue to excite buyers as being not only affordable jewelry but great gift ideas for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday or Anniversary gifts and especially at Christmas. 

One particular custom bracelet design captured the eye of NYC Haute Couture Fashion Designer NOLAH ELAN, with Remarkably Renee becoming an exclusive custom jewelry designer for Nolah Elan's new Jaoillerie collection.

I have been told that I have an unparalleled talent for designing handmade jewelry that is somewhat modern Art Deco. It is durable, budget friendly, inexpensive jewelry, yet "Classic" and High-End.

Extra care is taken to ensure each ONE of a Kind jewelry design is truly spectacular as if personalized

                              just for you.

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I apologize, If you click on a Jewelry Design & it just takes you to my online Store. Please don't get frustrated. Call Me & I will see IF I still have a pendant I can use to design in a similar fashion & still be ONE of a KIND. My jewelry designs are selling SO fast, it's hard to keep my website updated. I delete the SOLD designs asap, so not to have something shown that is No longer available. I have MANY more designs but I haven't had time to add to the Store, so I may have Just what you are looking for!

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