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Unique designs   


very unique designs, and well crafted. Something for everyone, cant find what you like just ask and it can be created.

Stephanie H.   June 30, 2010

[Best Wickless Candles]  

Distinctively the Best!

5.0 *****

May all of Remarkably Renee's aspirations and business endeavors be successful and prosperous. 5 stars for your huge selection of personal and uniquely designed jewerly.
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By Best Wickless Candles September 16, 2011


More than Meets the Eye

5.0 ***** 

I am a craftsman of intarsia, (intrinsic wood designing) & I have seen Remarkably Renee's jewelry & it's popularity on more than one occassion. The detail and quality of gemstones with their unique pattern are like nothing I have seen, and something I believe every lady would be proud to wear, turning heads as she walks by.

By Anonymous March 15, 2011

Think about Mother's Day

5.0 *****  

Hey guys. Be smart & do what I did. Think of you wife for any occassion, valentines day, easter, anniversary, mothers day, Christmas or just because & buy her something that no one else has. She will love you for it & the rewards are unspeakable. Remarkably Renee has just what you are looking for & if they don't, chances are they can make it for you. Very easy to talk with/ deal with & lifetime guarantee on crafstmanship. what more can you ask?

By Tim March 03, 2011

Remarkably Renee - Get Your Own Style Fashion Ju-Ju Going

5.0 *****

Always notice other people's jewelry? Now you can have a custom made piece, all your own, that tells the world "who YOU are". The pieces are lovingly crafted and designed to suit you, your clothes, a special night, a wedding, an event or just you having yourself a piece of your own style. Go ahead! Check it out!

By Jeandw April 10, 2014

Very Unique

5.0 *****

Remarkably Renee is truly remarkable! I want all her jewelry. She designs so many different uniquely beautiful pieces of jewelry that it is so hard to decide which piece to choose. It is so great how she makes earrings to match each ladies necklace & they come as a set. Some sets have bracelets available at an extra cost, but even at that her prices are very reasonable. The pictures don't do her creations justice at all.

By manymoma March 02, 2011

Unique Jewelry is Just My Style

5.0 *****   

Remarkably Renee can make unique jewelry for anyone, from kids to adults that shows everyone their unique jewelry style. I especially love her collection called Hailey's Bling! Hailey. :)

By 1uniqueHailey April 12, 2014

Very Creative Handmade Beaded Jewelry

5.0 *****

I truly love Remarkably Renee's creativity in her handmade beaded jewelry and jewelry accessories. Her beaded jewelry takes designer jewelry designs to a whole new level. We are a big new fan of this line of custom handmade jewelry. Unique custom fashion jewelry designs by the best.

By KelbyBagwell April 11, 2014


5.0 *****

Remarkably Renee's unique handmade jewelry designs are remarkable. Her bold and exciting colors are just my style and can be your unique style. If you are looking for unique fashion style then Remarkably Renee is the way to go.

By ggw852 April 10, 2014

More than just jewelry


Remarkably Renee-This jewelry is awesome. It is very well made & very unique. I really like her gemstone jewelry, but there's more to uniquely designed than just jewelry. Renee is the owner, designer & customer service/marketer. She is very knowledgeable about her creations & very easy to talk to. She even gives private showings, just ask. I highly recommend her to anyone. My wife loves her designs & wants All her jewelry.Lifetime warranty of her craftsmanship. Can't beat that!!

By Tim J. March 03, 2011

Jean Di Carlo *****
Remarkably Renee has a eye for design and can make any outfit an accessory that screams "Original and Remarkable". I have some pieces from a collection she did for a NYC benefit and everyone loves them. Renee has gone on to be asked to design pieces for many clothing designers and goes all over the country. Buy now, while prices are still great!!
April 10, 2014

Jo Guthrie *****
I have some custom designed ear rings and necklace By Remarkably Renee Jewelry, and have been very pleased, I would highly recommend her. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. I am a happy customer. April, 10. 2014 *****

Remarkably Renee - Beautiful and Unique Jewelry!!

5.0 *****

Remarkably Renee jewelry, is just that - REMARKABLE! Renee has an unparalleled talent for designing unique jewelry personalized for the person wearing it. From color, to style, and beyond to design her unique styles will always be yours, and remarkably yours alone. I am the proud owner of several pieces that range from fun and casual to dainty and timeless. Some have been worn daily while others have made their way to Red Carpet events! Her jewelry brings out the best of any outfit! Thanks to Remarkably Renee, my jewelry stands out in any crowd and allows me to show my personality and style. I am uniquely me!          By SuzanneLindley April 10, 2014

Remarkably Renee's unique custom jewelry designs are remarkable. The colors are beautiful and bold. Renee's jewelry is just my style and can be your unique style also.

By ggw852 April 10, 2014  *****

Remarkably Renee has Great jewelry, great customer service and great prices. Cindy R. ***** 9/13/16

clint fontenot
Nice site and jewelry.If you are ever in need for solid wood hand crafted jewelry displays please take a look at our web site.
October 11, 2014 *****

Remarkably Renee - Custom Jewerly

5.0 *****

I have a custom made, totally unique necklace and earrings, that I love. Every time I wear them I get lots of complements. I can't say enough good things about Remarkably Renee's unique custom creations. Each piece is a work of art and will match your personality and let your inner beauty shine. Thank you Renee for my jewelry, I love it.

By JoGuthrie April 10, 2014

I love both pieces I have handmade for me from Remarkably Renee Creations. EVERY TIME I wear them people always want to know where I got them.

Thanks again I love THEM!! 

***** Teresa Benson 6/17/17

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for ALL the wonderful things that have been said about my jewelry design. I enjoy making each new creation then seeing the Joy in your eyes, as you buy the ONE design accessorizes fits your fashion style.

From Julie Lehman Eaton to Remarkably Renee Creations — 5 star*****  

June 14,2017 

Renee is absolutely great to work with. She's very detail oriented, hard working, gracious and produces a great product! Her jewelry is always one of a kind and she always puts so much thought into each piece and truly makes it for each individual. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

1 month ago
Quality of Service (5.0/5) *****
Professionalism (5.0/5)    *****
Value (5.0/5)                  *****

Renee is a one-of-a-kind artist, who is as beautiful of a person as her designs. Her creations are stunning, to say the least. It was an honor to wear such beautiful jewelry. You won't be disappointed!


Vicki Lehman‎ to Remarkably Renee

June 2, 2015  *****

Renee thank you so much for the beautiful necklace. I just love it and will think of you each time I wear it. I had a great time in Chicago last weekend.